Important issues to consider before appointing a contractor:

Master Builders Association (MBA)

The MBA primary objective is to ensure that the reputation of members in this area remains high and that investment in building is therefore attracted to it. It does this by insisting that members work to the highest possible standards, aesthetically. Technically and ethically – in short, that we conduct our business in a thoroughly professional manner at all times.

Apart from campaigning for continually higher standards, the association also pays an active role in industrial relations, the drawing up and adaptation of the building contract law, safety procedures and most importantly training.

Because of its insistence on high standards, the MBA is always ready to attend to complaints about any of its members. For this reason – and the reasons given above when using an MBA member the general public can rely on getting the job done right.


The BIBC & building industry negotiate an annual agreement that lays down the terms and conditions of employment in the building industry, including the minimum wages and benefits. All persons engaged in the building industry within the demarcated area of the BIBC are required to comply with the terms of the collective agreement.

Parties employing contractors who are not registered with the BIBC are thereby encouraging employers who do not contribute to pensions, medical aid, sick leave and holiday pay. These employees later are a burden on the state and taxpayer, either in old age or during ill health.

FEM / Workman’s Compensation (WCA)

FEM or Workman’s compensation covers employee’s in the event of an accident, death or disability sustained during the course of his/her duties. Should a contractor not be covered by the FEM/WCA, due to recent amendments to the law, the property owner/client is deemed the final liable party should a legal case be instituted by the deceased or his/her family or a third party.

With the above in mind, clients should make 100% sure that, in the event of an accident the contractor is covered by the WCA to ensure they are not liable for claims due to an accident on their premises.

All Risks Contractors Insurances

As with WCA the final liability for damage to third party property and person from the clients premises lies with the client/owner of the property.

GBC has Contractors All Risks Insurance (R10 million) to cover damage to property both of the client and of third parties whether injury to pedestrians or tenants or damage caused to vehicles or other properties.